Saturday, February 21, 2009

Working on websites

Working on my website is fun but time consuming. Each photo I take and place on the website is like placing a cherished item up for others to see, enjoy and maybe to buy. The photographs never does justice to the piece but I do my best when I take the photo's.  I bring them into PhotoShop and "clean them up" and save them in a size that works best within the parameters of the website. I want large photo's so people can really see what I have crafted but I can't do that. So..... I go as big as possible. :o)

If I have time over the weekend I will put more up on but with the grandkids I may be luckey just to turn the computer on! Zackary is 6 months and so very close to crawling and Billy at 11 is such a big help that I have a grand time playing with them.

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