Saturday, July 18, 2009

Putting jewelry on my website

I have been putting jewelry on my website I didn't like some of the photographs that I had taken so down into the basement to my mini studio I went. I took about 10 photo's of one necklace and then checked them on the computer to see exactly what set up would work the best.

Once I got that done I was off and running.... Sort of... Smile.

Honey my cat decided that she wanted to spend some time with me so she sat on my shoulders while I carefully walked to the table and got a necklace and put it on the bust and took the photograph. I only heard a few complaints from her if I leaned too far forward. It is a good thing that she is small and light!

I hope to put at least 1 new item each day on the website so check back frequently. Necklaces are my main focus but then rings, bracelets, brooches & fobs are all coming up...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mt Clemens Art Fair

Well the Art Fair is done and I had a wonderful time. It was a ton of work but I enjoyed visiting with people and watching people walk by. This is the first time I have used my tent so this is what it looked like - Jeanne helped me all three days and we had a great time joking back and forth. This is one of her in the booth laughing at me. I am so glad I was behind the camera! We had a lady selling hand woven fabric on our left and on our right there was a wonderful couple that sell granite lazy susan's.  I will be back next year (Lord willing) if they let me back in.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mt Clemens Art Fair

This year I have been accepted into the Mt Clemens Michigan Art Fair. I am currently running around like crazy trying to get ready. It is this weekend and as usual I am only half ready.

This is the first year that I am doing an outside event so I have been trying to make sure I have everything I need.

We will see just what I forget LOL!  I will make sure to add those things to my check list for the next time.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Working on websites

Working on my website is fun but time consuming. Each photo I take and place on the website is like placing a cherished item up for others to see, enjoy and maybe to buy. The photographs never does justice to the piece but I do my best when I take the photo's.  I bring them into PhotoShop and "clean them up" and save them in a size that works best within the parameters of the website. I want large photo's so people can really see what I have crafted but I can't do that. So..... I go as big as possible. :o)

If I have time over the weekend I will put more up on but with the grandkids I may be luckey just to turn the computer on! Zackary is 6 months and so very close to crawling and Billy at 11 is such a big help that I have a grand time playing with them.

Friday, February 13, 2009

One of these days....

I have a grandson and I can't keep up!

Zack is such a joy but when it comes to doing anything I am a lost cause.

Here is a photograph of the finished pendant that I promised o so long ago...