Saturday, July 18, 2009

Putting jewelry on my website

I have been putting jewelry on my website I didn't like some of the photographs that I had taken so down into the basement to my mini studio I went. I took about 10 photo's of one necklace and then checked them on the computer to see exactly what set up would work the best.

Once I got that done I was off and running.... Sort of... Smile.

Honey my cat decided that she wanted to spend some time with me so she sat on my shoulders while I carefully walked to the table and got a necklace and put it on the bust and took the photograph. I only heard a few complaints from her if I leaned too far forward. It is a good thing that she is small and light!

I hope to put at least 1 new item each day on the website so check back frequently. Necklaces are my main focus but then rings, bracelets, brooches & fobs are all coming up...